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Reviewed by Jeremy Gordon
on 2014-10-31

I booked a removals service by Friendly Tenancy Helpers. The two guys that did the job were real professionals. They made me repackage some of my breakable stuff and gave me a few pointers how to protect them better. They were really careful loading the van and acted very responsibly towards my belongings. Really thorough and splendid job. Great work!

Reviewed by Rufus Chamberlain
on 2014-10-26

My landlord suggested my to hire the cleaning company he uses for my end of tenancy cleaning. I called Friendly Tenancy Helpers and booked a regular end of tenancy cleaning plus tenancy gardening as it needed some care as well. The team that came performed a marvellous job. I was really delighted by the service received. I'll recommend you to my friends, if they need similar jobs done. Keep up the good work.

Reviewed by Quentin Milner
on 2014-10-25

When ending my contract for the apartment I was renting, I opted to clean my own flat to save some money. Four days before handing the keys, my landlord calls and asks if the cleaning crew came yet ? After a.. Heated discussion, I was left with a choice between hiring somebody or have my deposit stripped. I found Friendly Tenancy Helpers on the web the same night and called right away to see if I can book a session in the next two days. The cleaners came in two days and cleaned everything top to bottom, even though I already cleaned it up pretty thoroughly. It was a great job that they did and honestly made a difference in how my ex-flat looked like.

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